Simulated Exchange

Working in a SIMULATED EXCHANGE mode allows you to test your strategy on a random market data. All you need for your strategy to be tested is to enter preferred market settings and run it. During the run of the strategy you can modify the market settings like frequency of market events and the nature of the market (if it is rather bear or bull market). It is also possible to modify a spread of a prices of all instruments. All this have an influence on an execution of your strategy. Working in this mode allows you to verify how your strategy behaves in many various market conditions.

The superset of the above described settings can be modify in the Simulated Exchange Manager, which is described in the following subsection.

Simulated Exchange Manager

The main purpose of Empirica Algorithmic Trading Platform is an execution of a custom algorithmic strategies on a different kinds of a market. Simulated Exchange Manager allows you to modify market conditions.

You can invoke Simulated Exchange Manager frame by:

  • selecting inside menu Tools\Simulated Exchange Manager.
Simulated Exchange Manager

Simulated Exchange Manager consist of a four main groups contained in the General Settings:

  • Frequency - allows you to set a level of frequency of market events,
  • Trend - helps you to manipulate a trend of a market, if it should be rather declining market or growing market,
  • Generate events - you can freeze the market and stop a process of generating all market events,
  • Spread - you can set the size of the spread in ticks.

To sum up ‘Frequency’, ‘Trend’ and ‘Spread’ settings allows you to simulate a real exchange prices changes.

Below the General Settings you can find the Advanced Settings which consist of a three buttons:

  • Reload prices - allows you to restart prices to specified levels (this operation will cancel all your active orders),
  • Prices settings - by pressing this button you open new window ‘Instruments prices settings’, where you can set ‘Indicative matching price’ and ‘Reference price’. To make this settings active you should press ‘Reload prices’ button.
  • Custom quoting - helps you to specify spread and trend of a particular instrument.

The trend and spread of a particular instrument can be modified in a table below this three buttons.