User can display market events from the connected data feeds in quotation windows. Multiple Quotations windows can be open in the TradePad workspace and arranged with other frames, according to user’s needs. Single Quotation window can display quotes from different feeds. Notice that this functionality is not available in the BACKTEST mode.

Quotation window

To add new Quotations frame to TradePad workspace you can use the following:

  • choose from the menu Tools\Create New Quotation Window
  • use toolbar icon Quotations Icon button from the Menu & Tool bar.
Quotations frame

After adding a new Quotation window to the TradePad workspace you should select instruments to be displayed. To do this, click with the right mouse button anywhere in the area of the Quotation window, and select Add/Remove Instruments... option.

Select instruments dialog will appear, allowing you to browse through the available instruments and add them to the Quotation window.

Select instruments frame

Inside the Select instruments dialog, an instruments can be put into a user-defined groups. Controls to do so are located in the bottom-left corner of the dialog window. Clicking the little diskette icon will prompt naming dialog; after entering the name and clicking OK, the selection of all instruments from the Selected instruments list will be saved under the given name. That selection can be restored later at any time, or deleted with the red X button.

To facilitate spotting market activity, whenever there’s a change in financial quotation of instrument, all rows displaying data for that instrument flash their background colour and value that has changed flash the font colour (green if value has gone up, and red if value has gone down).

You can also change a Quotation window title to differentiate it from other quotation windows. To change the window title right-click anywhere inside the Quotations window and choose Set Table Title... option. This opens Change quotation window title dialog where you can enter new title.

By default, after adding an instrument to a Quotations frame there is only one line displayed for the instrument. Double-clicking on the instrument’s name results in increasing the number of rows shown for instrument as defined in Settings\ Display tab\Quotations section. Double-clicking on the same instrument again changes number of rows displayed for instrument back to one.