Introduction to backtesting statistics

To improve your custom strategy diagnosis TradePad provides calculation of market statistics. These are divided into sections and described below.

Empirica Suite is able to calculate statistics in SIMULATED EXCHANGE and BACKTEST modes. To obtain them you have to run any strategy and then open the Statistics tab in Strategy Frame.

Statistics calculated during strategy simulation


Statistics can be calculated and will be visible after your strategy has finished.

View of statistics consist of initial values’ adjusters - see Initial values. Moreover, by clicking Export... button you can export statistics’ results as CSV file to open it by any spreadsheet program.

Below, you will see all available statistic’s values which were feasible to calculate. Statistics are divided into hideable domains to help you browse them. Strategy frame will remember which domains of statistics you are interested in – so it will always show by default these which were last time observed.


Strategy’s position on given instrument can be established by a trade. Depending on portfolio’s shares balance, position can be long (after opening it by shares acquirement, buy action) or short (after opening it by shares borrow, sell action).
Single buy/sell action in some moment i.
Is a sequence of transactions, finished with position’s close.
Portfolio value
Sum of the initial capital and balance of all already made transactions.
Portfolio i-th intraday value
Value of portfolio at the moment i.
Portfolio i-th end of day value
Value of portfolio in the at the end of i-th day.

Initial values

These parameters should be defined by user before start of strategy test. These parameters are essential to calculate some of statistics.

Strategy Statistic tab where Initial capital and Risk free rate can be set
Initial capital
It is an initial value of a portfolio. Has to be set before strategy’s start and is denoted by IC.
Risk free rate of return
Expresses investor’s expected profit on zero-risk investment. The risk free rate is defined as a percent value and is denoted by R_{f_r}.