What is TradePad

TradePad is the desktop application serving as a user interface to underlying components of Algorithmic Trading Platform.

Platform components

Empirica Platform is a set of multiple components:

  • Data Feeds – modules responsible for connecting to any market data source;
  • Strategy Executor – responsible for executing algorithmic strategies;
  • Order Engine – responsible for queuing and dispatching orders (created by strategies or manually by users) to exchanges and/or brokerage houses’ systems;
  • Portfolio Monitor – responsible for gathering and distributing information about user portfolio, based on orders sent;
  • Simulated Exchange – module that acts as a stock exchange system simulator in the area of order matching and market data delivery; Simulated Exchange can also be used to replay recorded sessions from historical files.
  • TradePad – Graphical User Interface desktop application;

Platform components can be distributed over the network or running on the same machine.

TradePad functionality

The TradePad offers multiple functionalities supporting basic trading functions and strategies management.

User can switch between different modes of operation:

  • Live
  • Paper
  • Backtest
  • Simulated Exchange

Single installation of TradePad application on a desktop computer can serve multiple users. Each user can have multiple profiles and each profile can be related to the individual account.


TradePad DEMO is self contained, all necessary platform components are included in the demo distribution and run locally. Functionality of TradePad DEMO is limited to Simulated Exchange and Backtest mode.

How Empirica Platform supports Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic Trading is a way of trading in a stock which is driven by a special strategy encoded in an algorithm. The algorithm might take into account many elements for example actual time, market events, past data etc. The strategy is first carefully designed by a trader with all necessary conditions which decide when to enter or leave the market with the particular instrument. Later, this strategy is coded and tested by a programmer. In this step it is ready to be used in trading on a market. The main benefits of algorithmic trading, in comparison with trading manually, are concentrated around speed, accuracy, and reduced costs.

Empirica Algorithmic Trading Platform is a software solution which supports financial institutions in multiple aspects of trading automation, particularly in:

  • simultaneous processing of large volumes of real-time data from different markets,
  • connectivity to exchanges, worldwide,
  • intuitive and flexible way of creating and testing algorithmic strategies,
  • concurrent execution of multiple strategies and thousands of generated orders,
  • huge number of analytic functions are implemented, also statistical models and risk control procedures which can support trading algorithms,
  • historical trade data are accumulated and accessible.

Imagine some trading strategy which looks reasonable. But how good is it? Does it have some weaknesses? On which kinds of markets it is profitable and on which it is rather weak? Maybe there are some markets on which it is better to look for some other strategy? As you see answers for that kind of questions are not obvious. Our platform will help you to convince yourself about the quality of your strategy. Moreover, it will help you to discover and liquidate its weaknesses, which will have huge impact on your future profits.

One of the most important features of the platform is back testing of any designed and coded strategy. To be more precise it allows you to test your strategy on past real market data. Moreover, it is also possible to test your strategy on a simulated market with some defined properties like frequency of events, market trend etc. What is important the market properties can be modified when the strategy is running. This can help you to verify how strategy adapts to some changes on the market. From the point of view of the optimization an important feature is a big number of statistical parameters which are computed for each strategy execution.

The above described functionalities make this platform really powerful tool, which can help each trader to optimize and boost his strategy and make it as profitable as possible. On the other hand it can be also used to decrease the risk of a strategy by detecting and eliminating or restricting actions which cause increase of the risk in a strategy.

For whom it is dedicated?

  • Investment Funds – who intend to develop their own trading algorithms and integrate it with existing trading infrastructure.
  • Brokerage Houses – who put emphasis on the technological side of their offer and want to improve their customers’ trading through algorithms.
  • Individual Investors – who want to develop own strategies with complete trading environment.